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AVS Ringtone Maker
AVS Ringtone Maker
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Chorus buttonThe Chorus effect allows you to make your audio sound fuller. It can make a single instrument sound like there are actually several instruments being played. It adds some thickness to the sound, and can be described as 'lush' or 'rich'.

The Chorus effect is so named because it makes the recording of a vocal track sound like it was sung by two or more people singing in chorus. This is achieved by adding a single delayed signal (echo) to the original input.

The Chorus differs from the Flanger in only a couple of ways. One difference is the amount of delay that is used. The delay times in a Chorus are larger than in a Flanger. This longer delay doesn't produce the characteristic sweeping sound of the Flanger. The Chorus also differs from the Flanger in that there is generally no feedback used.

To apply the effect follow these steps:

  1. Add the audio file to the Waveform Editing Space.
  2. Select a part of the file you would like to apply the effect to or leave it unselected to apply the effect to the whole file.
  3. Click the Chorus effect button on the Top Toolbar.

    Chorus effect settings

  4. Select one of the available presets from the list or adjust the effect parameters manually.

    The following Chorus effect parameters are available for editing: Delay Rate, Mix Depth, Feedback Gain, Sweep Depth, Sweep Rate, Sweep Phase.

    To set the necessary value use the corresponding slider or enter the desired value in the box next to the scale using the keyboard.

    Note!Note: if you change the effect settings, you can save them as a preset to be able to use them afterwards. Use the Add button to do that.
  5. Click the Preview button to make sure that the changes are correct.
  6. Click the OK button to return to the audio file editing.
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