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AVS Disc Creator
AVS Disc Creator
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Copying Discs

Copy TasksThe Copy Discs group comprises three tasks: Copy CD/DVD/Blu-ray. They are used to create an exact copy of the source disc. No data will be changed and no video will be compressed on the target disc as compared to the source disc.

  1. Select the input drive that you are going to copy from.

Note!Note: in the source drive drop-down combo box a path to any previously created image located at your hard drive can be specified.
  1. After that you should set the output drive, which also could be a CD/DVD/BD-drive as well as an image at your hard drive. In case your output drive is HDD, AVS Disc Creator will let you select the destination folder using the common Windows Explorer.

Copy CD window

  1. If you select different drives as input and output, the Copy on the fly option will become available. By checking it you'll be able to make a copy of a disc directly, without first saving the source on an intermediate medium (hard disk drive).

    If you clone a CD/DVD/BD having only one disc drive, this option will be greyed out and a temporary image on your computer HDD will be created to let you record the resulting disc using the same disc drive. In this case please make sure that you have enough free hard drive disk space available for the created temporary disc image. Its size could be up to almost 200 gigabytes for a six-layer BD.

  2. The Ignore errors occurred while reading CD sectors if your source CD is physically damaged option lets you copy damaged discs. In case you know that your disc is physically damaged (scratched, for instance) the program will still let you copy such a disc replacing the defective areas with zero bytes. Thus the disc will become readable again, though some of the information might be lost.

  3. Select the disc copy number you need to create in the Copy Count field.
  4. After you select all the settings click the Start Copying! button to start the copying process. You will see the progress of the current operation and the buffer state at the moment:

    Copying Process window

    You can click the Cancel button to abort the recording, although it is not recommended to do that during the burning to the destination disc as the disc might become unreadable afterwards if the burning process is not complete. You won't be able to read or write a CD-R, a DVD-R or a BD-R after you press this button in the middle of the burning process.

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