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AVS Ringtone Maker
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AVS Ringtone Maker

AVS Ringtone Maker is a compact and simple audio tool for media file editing. The application allows you to load and save the audio with such popular audio formats as MP3, WAV, AMR, AAC, WMA and M4A. This easy program provides the most powerful, user-friendly environment for your mobile phone ringtone creation.

AVS Ringtone Maker

Current Version:
Release Date:  8/27/2013
File Size:
13.90 MB

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Using AVS Ringtone Maker
you can quickly and easily perform the following tasks:

  • create custom ringtones from any input audio in the following formats: MP3, WAV, AMR;
  • record any input sound to make it a ringtone;
  • trim your audio, cut out the needed part, delete the unnecessary parts;
  • apply several simple audio effects and filters, fade your audio in and out;
  • upload the created ringtone to your mobile phone using the integrated AVS Mobile Uploader application.

You no longer need to download audio files from the Internet sites or be satisfied with the standard phone sounds. You can create your own individual ringtones and upload them to your mobile phone.

To start AVS Ringtone Maker go to Start menu and choose All Programs -> AVS4YOU -> Audio -> AVS Ringtone Maker.

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