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AVS Video Converter


Deinterlace effectAVS Video Converter allows you to remove interlacing artifact using deinterlacing filter. For interlaced video a frame contains either top (odd) fields or bottom (even) fields, for non-interlaced video frame contains both even and odd field. One of these fields commence one field period later than the other on a progressive display (monitor). Mostly this effect appears in video that was captured from TV tuners or DV cameras. Applying Deinterlacing effect removes the interlacing artifacts.

In the Properties Window you can change the effect properties. The properties of the Deinterlace effect available for setting are even and interpolate. Check Even and/or Interpolate check-boxes if needed. Doing it you can remove interlacing artifact by removing one field of a video (the Even lines) and blend (Interpolate) the remaining lines.

Properties of the deinterlace effect

On the figures below you can see the video picture before and after applying the Deinterlace effect:

Before applying the deinterlace effect

Before applying the Deinterlace effect

After applying the deinterlace effect

After applying the Deinterlace effect

Note!Note: there is no need to apply this filter for high quality non-interlaced video.

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