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AVS Video Editor

Files and Effects Area

The Files and Effects Area serves the following purposes:

  • show all the media files imported to the program and lets import new ones;
  • shows the available effects and transitions;
  • lets the user record voice from a microphone connected to the personal computer;
  • allows to create chapters for the output video.

Normally, when the program is opened the Files and Effects Area will show the categories for the media files that can be imported into the program. These will include Video, Image, Audio and Color:

Files and Effects Area - Media Library view

You can select one of the categories double-clicking it with the mouse or using the drop-down box in the upper right corner. When selected, the category will show all the files of a certain selected type - video, image, audio or colors - available in it. Here is an example of the selected video category:

Files and Effects Area - Video files view

If you want to add some video or other media to your output movie, you will need to import it first. To do that click the Import button button and browse for the media files or simply drag-and-drop them to the program window. You can also capture video from a capture device connected to your personal computer clicking the Capture button button.

To return back to the Media Library view double-click the upward green arrow - Upward green arrow.

When you click the Transition button of the Menu Panes, the list of all the available transitions will be displayed:

Files and Effects Area - Transitions view

You can sort them by subcategories using the upper right corner drop-down box.

The same way pressing the Video Effects button of the Menu Panes will show all the effect present in the program in the Files and Effects Area. The effects can be sorted by subcategories as well:

Files and Effects Area - Effects view

You can change the representation of the list of the Files and Effects Area elements clicking the Views Views button button. Pressing it and selecting the View as option you can choose between Thumbnails, List and Details to view the Files and Effects Area elements. With media files - video, images and audio - it is also possible to arrange them by time they were added to the Media Library, their name, date modified, type or size with the Sort by option. You can also change their location in an upward/downward direction.

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