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AVS Video Editor
AVS Video Editor v.4

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Release Date:  6/17/2010
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AVS Video Editor

Preview Area

The Preview Area is used to preview the media files - video, audio and images, - transitions and effects in the Files and Effects Area and playback the resulting edited video.

Preview Window

Use the controls to preview the media and navigate through it:

Button Name Description
Playback button Playback Is used to start video file playback. Once you click it, it will turn into the Pause button to let you pause the playback when needed.
Stop button Stop Is used to stop video file playback. Every time you use it to stop the playback, the cursor goes back to the beginning of the file.
Previous Frame button Previous Frame Is used to step one frame back in the video.
Next Frame button Next Frame Is used to step one frame forward in the video.
Next Scene button Next Scene Is used to find the next scene in the video clip. Once you click it, it will turn into the Stop button to let you stop searching scenes when needed.
Full screen button Full screen Is used to make the Preview window occupy all the available surface of a screen.
Snapshot button Snapshot Is used to take a snapshot of the current video frame and save it into one of the supported image file formats.
Mute button Mute Is used to switch the sound of the played video on or off.
Volume button Volume Is used to change the sound volume while the video playback.

You can also change the playback speed moving the the cursor of the Playback Speed slider - Speed slider, the speed value is displayed next to the slider.

Values Description
from -16x to -2x If you set this value, it will increase the backward playback speed
-1x If you set this value, it will play backwards at normal speed
from -0,5x to 0x If you set this value, it will decrease the backward playback speed
from 0x to 0,5x If you set this value, it will decrease the forward playback speed
1x If you set this value, it will play forwards at normal speed
from 2x to 16x If you set this value, it will increase the forward playback speed
Note!Note: if the playback slider reaches the beginning of the file, when the negative speed value is set, it continues to play video at normal speed (+1x).

To quickly navigate through your video file use the Playback slider - Playback slider.

When you launch the program for the first time, the Preview window will show you the Info Tips. These Tips give you advice on how to use the main features of the program. Switch between the buttons of Menu Panes to read the new tips corresponding to each option.

If you don't want the Tips to be shown during your work, just click the Close link. If you need to disable the Tips, check the Don't show tips box, nevertheless you'll be able to activate them from the Settings window of the program.

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