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AVS Media Player
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AVS Media Player

Express Menu

To facilitate the access to the main features of the AVS Media Player program each window has the Express Menu which can be activated right-clicking within this particular window.

Playback Window Express Menu

Playback Window Express MenuTo activate the Playback Window Express Menu right click within the Playback Window. The following options are available:

  • Open File(s)... - use it to load some audio/video files into the program.

  • Playback - use it to control the playback of the media files in the AVS Media Player program. The submenu includes Play, Stop, Pause, Fast Backward and Fast Forward options.

  • Volume - use it to change the loudness of the volume during the media file playback. The submenu includes Volume up and Volume down options.

  • View - use it to select the way the AVS Media Player program is displayed on the screen. The submenu includes Stay on top, Fit screen to video on start, Video Mode, Audio Mode and Compact Mode options. See the Preferences section for more detail.

  • Snapshot - use it to take the snapshot of the current video file frame during the video playback. See the Preferences section for more detail.

  • Full Screen - use it to make the Playback Window occupy all the available screen space during the video playback.

  • Search... - use it to search a specific place in the video based on its time or frame number. The option brings up the Search panel.

  • Subtitles - use it to switch the subtitles of the video on or off.

  • Audio Streams - use it to switch between audio tracks (available if your video file contains more than one audio track).

  • Audio Visualization - use it to select the visualization type used during the audio file playback.

  • Aspect Ratio - use it to adjust the ratio of the horizontal and vertical sides to each other. You may use one of the available options: Auto, 4:3, 16:9, 1.85:1, 2.35:1 or Custom.... See the Preferences section for more detail.

  • Speaker Configuration - use it to switch between main work modes. You can leave the sound unchanged choosing the Original mode, select one of the available presets or use the Calibration... option to open the Speaker Environment window and set your position in the room in relation to the speakers.

  • Preferences - use it to open the Preferences window and set the additional AVS Media Player settings. See the Preferences section for more detail on this.

  • About... - use it to open the About window with the information on the AVS Media Player program.

  • Help - use it to open this Help file.

  • Exit - use it to close the AVS Media Player window and finish the work with the program.

Playlist Window Express Menu

There are two types of Express Menu available within the Playlist Window.

Playlist Window Express MenuThe first one will be activated when you right-click within the All Playlists panel.

  • New Playlist - use it to create a new playlist.
  • Load Playlist - use it to load a previously saved playlist into the program.
  • Remove Playlist - use it to remove the currently selected playlist.
  • Rename Playlist - use it to rename the currently selected playlist.
  • Save Playlist - use it to save the currently created playlist in M3U or PLS format.

Playlist Window Express Menu You can activate this Express Menu clicking with the right mouse button within the Main Area of the Playlist Window.

  • Play item - use it to playback the currently selected media file.
  • Pause - use it to pause the media file playback.
  • Stop - use it to cancel the media file playback.
  • Open File Folder - use it to open the folder where the currently selected media file is stored.
  • Add - use it to add audio/video files and folders with files to the playlist.
  • Playlist - use it to perform some operations with the currently opened playlist. You can save this playlist or sort the loaded files by name using the corresponding options of the submenu.
  • Remove - use it to remove different files and groups of files from the playlist. The available options are: Remove selected, Remove all, Crop, Remove non-existent files.
  • Shuffle - use it to randomize the media files playback order.
  • Repeat - use it to playback the media files added to the playlist from the beginning once the playback is over.

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