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AVS Cover Editor
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AVS Cover Editor

Edit Tab

On the Edit Tab of the Ribbon Command Bar you can find buttons that enable you to perform various editing operations: move objects, add text, images or simple graphics.

Edit Tab

In the table below you can find the description of each button or field situated on the Edit Tab:

Group Button Description
Edit Cut button
Use it to cut the selected object from the Editing Area to the clipboard. It will be removed from the Editing Area but added to the clipboard. You will be able to paste it later to the Editing Area.
Copy button
Use it to copy the selected object to the clipboard, so that you could paste it later.
Paste button
Use it to paste the previously copied object from the clipboard to the Editing Area.
Objects Objects button
Use the arrow under the button to select one of the objects displayed within the Editing Area from the list or select/ deselect all of them.
Delete button
Use it to delete the object selected within the Editing Area.
Bring to Foreground button
Bring to Foreground
Use it to bring to foreground the object selected within the Editing Area.
Move to Background button
Move to Background
Use it to move to background the object selected within the Editing Area.
Send Forward button
Send Forward
Use it to send forward the object selected within the Editing Area.
Send Backward button
Send Backward
Use it to send backward the object selected within the Editing Area.
General Tools Select Object button
Select Object
Use it to select objects in the Editing Area so that you could edit them.
Add Text button
Add Text
Use it to add common text to your created image.
Add Round Text button
Add Round Text
Use it to add rounded text to your image.
Add Image button
Add Image
Use it to add different images to your project. You can select any previously saved image on your computer hard disk drive.
Simple Graphics Line button
Use it to draw straight lines with no angles or bends.
Polyline button
Use it to draw lines with angles and bends. As many turns and bends as needed can be added to the line after it is drawn.
Rectangle button
Use it to draw rectangles of various sizes.
Polygon button
Use it to draw different types of polygons. As many angles as needed can be added to the polygon after it is drawn.
Circle button
Use it to draw circles of different sizes.
Ellipse button
Use it to draw ellipses of different sizes elongated in the vertical or horizontal planes.
Pie button
Use it to draw pie-like shapes of different sizes and completeness.
Sector button
Use it to draw parts of circumference of different sizes and completeness.

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