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Viewing the Journal of Occurred Events

Journal is useful if you want to track the history of initiated outbound connections and find out what happened to them - mainly whether they were allowed or denied although there are another two specific events as well.

To view the journal, click the Journal tab of the Menu Pane:

journal window

The page has the table filled with the following information:

Field Description
Event Shows an event happened:
  • Allowed - the event is provoked each time when a connection is allowed;
  • Denied - the event is provoked each time when a connection is denied;
  • Logged - the event is provoked when AVS Firewall working in the Custom mode is unloaded and a new outbound connection that does not have a rule is initiated. The new outbound connection is allowed until logging off in such a case;
  • Suspended - the event is provoked each time when the Alert Window for application appears.
Date Shows the exact date when an event occurred.
Time Shows the exact time when an event occurred.
Initiated by Shows the full path to an application which provoked an event.
IP address Shows a remote computer IP-address.
Port Shows a specific port associated with IP-address.

You can select records to be shown by means of the Journaling period combo box:

  • This session - all the records since the moment AVS Firewall has been launched are shown (default);
  • Day – all the records during today are shown;
  • Month - all the records during the current month are shown;
  • Custom count – as many records are shown as you define. By default the value is set to 10000 records to be shown.

To delete all the records from the journal, click the Clear button.

To print all the records on events occurred, click the Print button, in the appeared Print window make sure Print rage is set to All and click the Print button.

The Save to file button is meant for saving all the records to a file with the txt extension so as to backup them in case when you are going to clear the journal, for instance.

Note!Note: you can perform all these actions through the contextual menu as well clicking the right mouse button on the table area.

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