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AVS Firewall
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AVS Firewall

AVS Firewall is an intuitive to use application used to protect your computer against hacker attacks and intrusions while surfing the Internet. You can create your own profile to control your local network and Internet connections, get detailed information on all your PC internal and external connections and statistics.

Using AVS Firewall
you can quickly and easily perform the following tasks:

  • Secure your PC against malware, filter applications that will be connected to your PC and select between several security levels to prevent unauthorized intrusions.
  • Protect your PC registry everytime any suspicious attempt to change the registry contents takes place. AVS Firewall suspends the action and displays an appropriate notification.
  • Switch on the antibanner feature and block unwanted flash advertisings, popups and banners. Also use this feature to blacklist URLs that you do not wish to be displayed.
  • Enable parent control making a whitelist of URLs and websites that you wish to view and work with. Apply content filter to limit access to undesired sites.
  • Create your own rules configuring your own detailed rules for each program and application and specify exactly which connections you want to use.
  • If you have a limited Internet traffic and do not want to pay extra, AVS Firewall helps you view and control the traffic volume.
  • View alerts when any application or program try to connect to the net from your PC.

AVS Firewall starts automatically after reboot that follows installation. If you happen to exit the program choose AVS4YOU -> System Utilities -> AVS Firewall from the Programs section of the Start menu or click twice on its desktop shortcut to load it again.

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