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AVS Registry Cleaner
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AVS Registry Cleaner


The Registry category contains several sections with the predefined registry hives to scan in them.

Before fixing the discovered problems (deleting the invalid registry entries), click the details link to see all them in particulars:

Registry Results

You can uncheck the keys you don't want to be fixed with a mouse click. To select/deselect all the sections including their contents, use the right-click menu Check All/Uncheck All items.

To add a key to the ignore list, use the right-click menu Add to Ignore list item.

To delete a key from the ignore list, use the right-click menu Delete from Ignore list item.

Note!Note: to make fixing available, click the Back to Categories button first.
Note!Note: some of the changes made to the registry during fixing will take effect only after the system reboot.
Note!Note: if all the keys with problems found are in Ignore list, you will see the text "N keys are in Ignore list" to the right of the category name, where N - the number of keys.

Undo buttonIn case you would like to revert the changes you made to the registry, click the Undo button on the Menu Pane.

The following window will appear for you to select an undo point from among the available ones:

Undo Process

To return the registry to a certain previous state before a fixing has been applied, select an undo point then click the Undo button.

To delete an undo point, click the Remove button.

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