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AVS Media Player
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AVS Media Player

Audio Mode

If you select some audio files to playback you will be presented with the Audio Mode view of the program:

Main Window: Audio Mode

Note!Note: if you would like to listen to your audio files and watch the visualizations meanwhile choose one of the available visualization types and switch to the Video Mode clicking the Change View Mode button button. The next time you open the program it will be launched retaining the view mode and the playlist appearance it had when you closed it.

The AVS Media Player window is divided in two parts: Playback Window and Playlist.

Playback Window

The Playback Window includes the following areas:

  • Main Area - an area where the information of the currently played audio track is displayed: elapsed/remaining time, audio file format, bitrate, sampling frequency, number of channels and title;
  • Playback Panel - a set of playback controls. For information on the Playback Panel button functions refer to the table below:
Button (Control) Description
Previous File button
Previous File
Is used to go to the previous file in the playlist.
Play button
Is used to start the media file playback. Once you click it, it will turn into the Pause button to let you pause the playback when needed.
Stop button
Is used to stop the media file during playback.
Next File button
Next File
Is used to go to the next file in the playlist.
Repeat button
Is used to playback the media files added to the playlist from the beginning once the playback is over.
Shuffle button
Is used to randomize the media files playback order.
Playlist button
Is used to hide or open the Playlist window.
Preferences button
Is used to open the Preferences window to let the user set the program parameters. (See the Preferences section for more detail).
Mute button
Is used to switch the sound on or off during the media file playback.
Volume slider Is used to change the sound volume during the media file playback.
Navigation slider Is used to navigate through the media files during playback.

Playlist Window

The Playlist window comprises the following parts:

  • All Playlists Panel - an area which displays all the available playlists. The set of buttons located below this area lets the user get access to all the operations which can be performed with playlists;
Button Description
New Playlist button
New Playlist
Is used to create a new playlist.
Load Playlist button
Load Playlist
Is used to load a previously saved playlist into the program.
Remove Playlist button
Remove Playlist
Is used to remove the currently selected playlist from the All Playlists panel.
Rename Playlist button
Rename Playlist
Is used to rename the currently selected playlist.
Save Playlist button
Save Playlist
Is used to save the currently created playlist in M3U or PLS format.
  • Main Area - an area where the current playlist is displayed;
  • Filter - a field located above the Main Area which is used to filter out your files by title;
  • Playlist Panel - a set of buttons used to perform some tasks within the Main Area. For information on these button functions please refer to the table below:
Button Description
Add Files button
Add Files
Is used to add some audio/video files to the current playlist.
Add Folder button
Add Folder
Is used to add some folder containing audio/video files to the current playlist.
Remove Selected button
Remove Selected
Is used to remove the currently selected file from the playlist.
Sort List by Name button
Sort List by Name
Is used to sort the files of the current playlist alphabetically.
Hide All Playlists button
Hide All Playlists
Is used to hide the All Playlists panel.

At the bottom of the Playlist window you can also see the number of the audio tracks added to the current playlist and their total duration (hours:minutes).

Please note that AVS4YOU programs do not allow you to copy protected material. You may use this software in copying material in which you own the copyright or have obtained permission to copy from the copyright owner.

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