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Creating Disc Menus

AVS Video ReMaker allows you to create a single-level menu for your DVD or Blu-ray videos. To do it please proceed as follows:

  1. Add chapters for your disc menu

    Press Chapters central button. Here you have two options:

    • You can set chapters manually

      To do that put the timeline cursor at the position where you'd like to set a chapter and click the Add Chapter button located on the Timeline Toolbar. The added chapter will be shown on the Timeline as a green rhombus.

    • You can set chapters automatically

      Auto Set ChaptersInterval windowTo do that press the Auto Set Chapters button and select one of the available options:

      • at the beginning of each clip
        If you select this option, the chapters will be added to the beginning of each file added to the program.

      • at a time interval
        If you select this option, the Interval window will pop up to let you enter the needed time period between chapters.

      • as in input file(s)
        If you select this option, the chapters will be set as in your input file. In case you imported a DVD/Blu-ray video file (i.e. VIDEO_TS.IFO or index.bdmv), the chapters will be added to the beginning of each chapter.

      All the added chapters will be displayed within the Selection Area.

      If necessary, you can remove the selected chapter or all created chapters using the corresponding buttons on the Timeline Toolbar.

      To rename the selected chapter click the Rename Chapter button on the Timeline Toolbar and type in the name you want in the enter field within the Selection Area.

  2. Choose a disc menu style

    Click the Disc Menu central button.

    In the Selection Area you'll see a list of the Menu Styles offered in the program. Some of them have in the right upper corner an icon - Download icon - it means that these menu styles are not included into the program installation file. If you'd like to use these styles, you need to download them from our website.

    Select one of them that suits your needs best by double-clicking it.

    Disc Menu Window

  3. Customize your disc menu

    You can customize some of the menu styles by selecting video or image files from your computer hard disk drive. To add a file to one of the available Working Areas, you need to left-click within this working area and select the file in the opened Windows Explorer window.

    Note!Note: the number of available working areas depends on the selected menu style and corresponds to the number of empty areas on the menu main page.

Disc Menu Window

In the lower right corner of the current window there are the following fields:

  • Disc Menu Title - use it to enter the name of your disc or movie you are going to burn to a disc. To do that just left-click within the input field and instead of the Main Page caption type in the needed word combination. It will immediately appear in the Preview Area.
  • Background Music - use it to select the audio file that will be played back during navigation through the disc menu. To do that click the Browse... button next to the field and choose the desired audio track in the opened Windows Explorer window.
  1. Preview the resulting disc menu

    Disc Menu Window - Preview In the upper right area you can preview the resulting disc menu. Instead of the Main Page you will see the name of your movie or disc. The Chapters and Play buttons represent links for you to go to the chapters pages with picture choices or to play back the movie.

    Note!Note: the total number of pages depends on the number of created chapters.

    You can also use special controls situated at the bottom of the Preview Area to navigate through chapters pages.

As soon as everything is ready, make sure that the Disc Menu Enabled option is selected and proceed to video file processing.

If you would like to create the disc menu for your video files and it cannot be done using AVS Video ReMaker, you can use the AVS Video Converter instead. Using AVS Video Converter you can reconvert your video files to an appropriate DVD or Blu-Ray format, create a disc menu and also add various video and audio effects.

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