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AVS Video ReMaker

Adding Video

Once a new project is created or an older one started, you can begin work with the video files you have on your computer hard disk drive. Normally, the work with the videos is started with importing video files that you have on your computer or an optical disc into AVS Video ReMaker program.

Load your video to the empty project or add some additional files to the running project. This can be done the following way:

  • You can import the video files into the program;
  • You can capture your video from a capture device of yours - a miniDV camcorder or something alike - and then these captured videos will be automatically imported into the program.
  • You can record your desktop - capture any operations you see and perform on the screen - and then these recordings will be automatically imported into the program.

After loading video you will be able to see information about its parameters:

File Info Field

Section Parameter Description
File Path and Name Video file name and the directory on the computer hard disk drive where it is situated.
Video Codec The video codec used to compress the video clip.
Frame Size
The number of pixels that form the video image (horizontally/vertically).
Frame Rate
(frames per second)
The number of video frames displayed every second.
Audio Codec The audio codec used to compress the audio component of the clip.
The audio track sampling frequency specified in hertz.
Channels The number of channels in the audio track (mono - one channel, stereo - two channels, quadro - four channels, 4.1 - five channels, 5.1 - six channels, 6.1 - seven channels, 7.1 - eight channels).

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