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Disc Size Meter

The Disc Size Meter is situated at the bottom of the Main Window. It shows the size of the current disc inserted into the CD/DVD/BD drive and the size of the data that is going to be written onto the disc. Thus, depending on the disc type and its capacity the Disc Size Meter will look different for a CD, DVD Single Layer or DVD Double Layer and Blu-ray discs of different capacities.

For instance, for a Single Layer Blu-ray disc it will look like this:

Disc Size Meter if single layer Blu-ray disc is inserted

For a DVD Single Layer it will look like this:

Disc Size Meter if DVD disc is inserted

For a CD the Disc Size Meter appearance will change like this:

Disc Size Meter if CD disc is inserted

The Marker shows the standard capacity of a CD-R or a CD-RW - about 700 Megabytes.

When you add data to your compilation the Disc Size Meter will show whether your added data is going to fit your CD/DVD/BD or if it exceeds its capacity.

Disc Size Meter if data exceeds the disc size

If the data size is greater than the capacity of a CD/DVD/BD you should either split your data into parts and record these parts onto several CDs/DVDs/BDs or select another disc type with a larger capacity. See the Appendix section for more information on different disc types.

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