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Erase Disc

Erase Disc buttonIf you use a rewritable disc (CD-RW, DVD-RW or BD-RE), you might need to erase it prior to recording your compilation. To do that press the Erase Disc button on the Main Toolbar. The erase window will appear to let you delete all the data from the rewritable disc:

Erase Discs window

Here there are the following options:

  • Drive - the name of the drive you use to record your discs.

  • Erase Type of the rewritable disc - Quick Erase or Full Format.

    • If you select the Quick Erase option, the data on the disc will not be actually erased as in this mode only the table of contents of the disc is deleted, the disc will appear empty and ready for burning but the data can be restored later using special software.

    • If you select the Full Format option, all the data on the rewritable disc will be physically erased and you will not be able to restore it later. This mode will take much more time. Use this type of erase if you have some confidential data on the disc that must be erased.

You can also enable the Eject disc after erasing check-box, if you do not plan to work with the disc afterwards. If you plan to use the same disc for burning after erasing, it might be useful to leave it unchecked.

When all the erasing parameters are set, you can press the Erase button to start the erasing process itself. Once the erasing is started, it cannot be stopped. Please, wait for the erasing process to be finished.

Press the Close button to close the Erase Disc window.

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