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AVS Disc Creator
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AVS Disc Creator

Main Toolbar

The Main Toolbar contains buttons for you to select the disc type you want to create or the task you want to perform.

Main Toolbar

Button Description
Data Disc button
Data Disc
Use this button to create a data CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc.
DVD Video button
DVD Video
Use this button to burn a DVD video from the hard disk drive of your computer onto a DVD disc.
Audio CD button
Audio CD
Use this button to create an audio CD from the audio files stored on your PC.
MP3 button
Use this button to create a CD containing .mp3 files from the audio tracks stored on your PC.
Copy Disc button
Copy Disc
Use this button to copy a CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc or restore a damaged disc with corrupted structure making a new readable copy of it.
Burn ISO button
Burn ISO
Use this button to burn a disc image onto a CD, DVD or Blu-ray.
Blu-ray button
Use this button to burn Blu-ray video from your hard disk drive onto a Blu-ray disc.
WMA button
Use this button to create a CD containing .wma files from the audio tracks stored on your PC.
Photo button
Use this button to create a photo CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc.
Bootable Disc button
Bootable Disc
Use this button to create a bootable disc.
Create ISO button
Create ISO
Use this button to create a disc image from a disc or files stored on your PC.
Edit ISO button
Edit ISO
Use this button to edit a disc image deleting and adding more files from the HDD of your PC.
Cover Editor button
Cover Editor
Use this button to launch the AVS Cover Editor application to create a disc label as well as front and back cover for your disc case.
Erase Disc button
Erase Disc
Use this button to erase a rewritable disc.
Drive Info button
Drive Info
Use this button to get information on your optical drive and the disc types it supports.
Settings button
Use this button to change the available burning settings.
About button
Use this button to open the About window, where you can read information on the program and our license agreement as well as open program help file and write an e-mail to our support staff.

Additional Tasks buttonAdditional ToolbarThere is one more button at the Main Toolbar that is used to open the Additional Toolbar. On this toolbar some additional task buttons are situated and it looks like in the figure on the right.

You can click one of the additional task buttons and it will appear on the Main Toolbar replacing the last button in the sequence. This selected task button will be activated.

To change the entire sequence of the task buttons, click the Customize Toolbar... button. After that the Customize Toolbar window will pop up.

Customize Toolbar window

Here you can organize the task buttons on the Main Toolbar as you wish. You can set the buttons, which stand for the tasks you often perform, and they will be displayed on the Main Toolbar at program startup for you to be able to access the needed task button quickly.

For this purpose proceed through the following steps:

  1. Click the task button that will be replaced within the Main Toolbar
  2. Click the needed button within the Additional Toolbar that will appear at the Main Toolbar
  3. Press the Swap Tasks button

After that the selected buttons will exchange their locations.

You can also drag and drop any task button within the other or the same toolbar and alter its position this way.

After you set the desired buttons sequence, click the OK button to accept the changes or the Cancel button to discard them and close the Customize Toolbar window.

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