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Audio Effects

The Audio effects allow you to introduce various Amplify, Delay, Chorus, Flanger and similar adjustments to your audio track.

Button Description
Amplify Applies the Amplify effect to amplify your audio
Compressor Applies the Compressor effect to regulate the dynamic volume of your audio track
Expander Applies the Expander effect to expand the dynamic range of an audio signal
Fade Applies the Fade effect to fade in and fade out the sound
Normalize Applies the Normalize effect to achieve the greatest amount of amplification that will not result in clipping
Silence Applies the Silence effect to switch off the sound in the video file
Vibrato Applies the Vibrato effect to equal the sound to a cyclical changing of a certain frequency of the input signal
Flanger Applies the Flanger effect to add an echo by mixing the audio signal with its delayed copy
Chorus Applies the Chorus effect to make your audio sound fuller
Delay Applies the Delay effect to create an echo effect of your audio track
Phaser Applies the Phaser effect to enrich your audio
Reverb Applies the Reverb effect to create an echo effect
Pitch Shift Applies the Pitch Shift effect to shift the frequency spectrum of the input signal
Invert Applies the Invert effect to invert the samples, so that all positive offsets are negative and all negative offsets are positive
Band Filter Applies the Band Filter effect to set and hear the certain number of frequencies of your audio track
Noise Remover Applies the Noise Remover effect to attenuate the noise sound of a certain frequency

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