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AVS Video Editor


These effects allow you to introduce various painting, mosaic, blur and similar adjustments to your media file.

Effect Description
Blur Applies the Blur effect to reduce contrast between adjacent pixels visually smoothing and softening the image
Gaussian Blur Applies the Gaussian Blur effect to reduce contrast between adjacent pixels according to a mathematical equation
Motion Blur Applies the Motion Blur effect to reduce contrast. This effect gives the impression of motion
Sharpen Applies the Sharpen effect to increase contrast to seemingly bring the images into better focus
Mosaic Applies the Mosaic effect to define a selection by clumping pixels of similar color values in cells
Noise Applies the Noise effect to add some texture to an image by way of tiny pixel dustings
Diffuse Applies the Diffuse effect to make the selection look less focused
Emboss Applies the Emboss effect to give an image a 3D look
Filter Minimal Applies the Filter Minimal effect to emphasize the dark pixels in an image
Filter Maximal Applies the Filter Maximal effect to emphasize the light pixels in an image
Deinterlace Applies the Deinterlacing effect to remove interlacing effect
Median Applies the Median effect to replace each pixel with a pixel that has the median color value of neighboring pixels
Invert Applies the Invert effect to invert the colors in an image
Colorize Applies Colorize effect to colorize the entire file in an RGB-specified file
Grayscale Applies the Grayscale effect to convert color images to just two color levels: black (0) and white (255)
Posterize Applies the Posterize effect to specify the tonal level (or brightness values) and then map pixels to the closest matching level
Threshold Applies the Threshold effect to determine a contrast level between neighboring pixels in order to apply sharpening

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