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AVS Video Editor

Video Effects List and Description

All the video effects that can be applied in AVS Video Editor are devided into 4 groups: Special, Effects, Transform and Draw. In the table below you will find all effects situated according to their belonging to one of the groups and their brief description.

Group Effect Description
Special Effects Sepia Applies Sepia effect to transform image spectrum to brownish and yellowish photo paper
Old Movie Applies Old Movie effect to get a black and white image with scratches
Glass Mosaic Applies Glass Mosaic effect to see your video through a number of rectangular glass pieces, each displaying a part of the whole video image
Grid Mosaic Applies Grid Mosaic effect to make your video image look like a wall mosaic
Puzzle Applies Puzzle effect to divide your picture in tens of rectangles or puzzle form rectangles
Pan & Zoom Applies Pan & Zoom effect to make smooth zooming and panning of your video image
Glass Applies Glass effect to make an image appear as if it were being viewed through different types of glass
Snow Applies Snow effect to add a romantic touch to your film
Watercolor Applies Watercolor effect to make your videos look like water color paintings
Pencil Sketch Applies Pencil Sketch effect to turn any image of your film into a hand-drawn sketch
Glow Applies Glow effect to make your picture look like it's emanating light
Warm Glow Applies Warm Glow effect to add a soft focus look to your video and make the subject look more attractive
Wind Applies Wind filter to make an image look as if the colors are being blown off your photo
Gray Out Applies Gray Out effect to transform colors of the picture to the gray part of the spectrum
TV Simulation Applies TV Simulation effect to imitate bad quality of the broadcast video signal
Newsprint Applies Newsprint effect to turn your image into a photo from a newspaper
Film Applies Film effect to put film negative borders on your video
Timer Applies Timer effect to add a timepiece (that measures a time interval) to your video
Wide Angle Zoom Applies Wide Angle Zoom effect to transform your video and make it look like it was shot with a wide angle lens
Water Mirror Applies Water Mirror effect to include the water reflection of a video image area to your video
Particles Applies Particles effect to add various objects (bubbles, flowers, leaves, butterflies etc.) that are moving, flying or falling on your video
Canvas Applies Canvas effect to give a canvas texture to your video
Color Exchange Applies Color Exchange effect to replace specific colors in your video
Anaglyph 3D Applies Anaglyph 3D effect to simulate the stereoscopic 3D effect which can be viewed with glasses where the two lenses are of different colors
Writing Text Applies Writing Text effect to add text and to see the way it is being written on the video
Countdown Applies Countdown effect to add a timepiece (that counts down a time interval) to your video
Effects Blur Applies Blur effect to reduce contrast between adjacent pixels visually smoothing and softening the image
Gaussian Blur Applies Gaussian Blur effect to reduce contrast between adjacent pixels according to a mathematical equation
Motion Blur Applies Motion Blur effect to reduce contrast. This effect gives the impression of motion
Sharpen Applies Sharpen effect to increase contrast to seemingly bring the images into better focus
Mosaic Applies Mosaic effect to define a selection by clumping pixels of similar color values in cells
Noise Applies Noise effect to add some texture to an image by way of tiny pixel dustings
Diffuse Applies Diffuse effect to make the selection look less focused
Emboss Applies Emboss effect to give an image a 3D look
Filter Minimal Applies Filter Minimal effect to emphasize the dark pixels in an image
Filter Maximal Applies Filter Maximal effect to emphasize the light pixels in an image
Deinterlace Applies Deinterlacing effect to remove interlacing effect.
Median Applies Median effect to replace each pixel with a pixel that has the median color value of neighboring pixels
Invert Applies Invert effect to invert the colors in an image
Colorize Applies Colorize effect to colorize the entire file in an RGB-specified file
Grayscale Applies Grayscale effect to convert color images to just two color levels: black (0) and white (255)
Posterize Applies Posterize effect to specify the tonal level (or brightness values) and then map pixels to the closest matching level
Threshold Applies Threshold effect to determine how much contrast there is between neighboring pixels for the sharpening to affect them
Transform Effects Flip Opens Flip effect to flip an entire image horizontally or vertically
Perspective Opens Perspective effect to transform the perspective in an image horizontally or vertically
Twist Opens Twist effect to rotate the image through its twisting
Skew Opens Skew effect to skew the entire image horizontally or vertically
Shift Opens Shift effect to move your image along X and Y axes
Rotate Opens Rotate effect to rotate the entire image
Resample Opens Resample effect to reproduce the entire image
Zoom Opens Zoom effect to magnify or reduce the image
Mirror Opens Mirror effect to duplicate a part of the image
Twirl Opens the Twirl effect to spin the image around the center, creating a "twisted" image
Ripple Opens Ripple effect to add spaced ripples to the image's surface
Wave Opens Wave effect to create an undulating pattern on your image
Sphere Opens Sphere effect to make a certain sphere-shaped area blurred
Cylinder Opens Cylinder effect to make a certain cylinder-shaped area blurred
Glass Tile Opens Glass Tile effect to give an impression of looking through glass tiles
Broken Glass Opens Broken Glass effect to give an impression of looking through broken glass
Draw Effects Image Opens Image effect lets you include any image to your video file
Line/Polyline Opens Line/Polyline effect to include various lines to your video file
Rectangle Opens Rectangle effect to include various rectangular objects to your video file
Invert Rectangle Opens Invert Rectangle effect to highlight an object in the video by setting out an rectangular-shaped "window" which remains free of color coverage
Ellipse Opens Ellipse effect to include various ellipse-shaped to your video file
Invert Ellipse Opens Invert Ellipse effect to highlight an object in the video by setting out an ellipse-shaped "window" which remains free of color coverage
Polygon, Pie, Simple Pie, Sector, Simple Sector Opens Polygon, Pie, Simple Pie, Sector, Simple Sector menu to highlight an object in the video by setting out an object which is covered with specified color
Border Opens Border effect to put a border around the media image

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