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AVS Audio Editor

Band-Stop Filter

The Band-Stop filter is used to attenuate frequencies within the selected range and pass frequencies outside this range. Like all parametric filters, this one is usually used to correct various imperfections in the original audio.

Use the Play buttons to listen to and compare the sound before and after applying Band-Stop filter:

No Effect

Band-Stop Filter Applied

How to Apply

All effects and filters are applied in the same way in AVS Audio Editor. For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to apply effects to your audio files, click here.

Band-Stop Filter Settings

To apply the effect, use one of the available presets or configure the effect parameters manually.

Band-Stop Filter settings

The following Band-Stop filter settings are available for editing:

  • Frequency Band - sets the frequency band within which the attenuation will take place. In other words, all frequencies outside the specified frequency band will not be affected by the filter. Once a frequency reaches the specified frequency band limits, its amplitude will gradually decrease till it has no amplification (the signal will be very weak, or non-existant), unless you limit the supression level in the Limit Supression by field.
  • Gain - sets the degree of amplification applied to the audio signal. Use it if you want to increase/decrease the resulting sound volume. The amplification will affect frequencies in both the pass and attenuation bands.
  • Limit Supression by - tick this option if you do not wish the frequency attenuation to reach its zero amplitude. Set the signal level in decibels at which the frequency attenuation will stop.
  • Slope - sets the frequency attenuation rate. Use it to control the transition between the affected and non-affected frequencies. Higher values correspond to a sharper transition.

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