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AVS Audio Editor
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AVS Audio Editor

Using VST Effects

AVS Audio Editor supports VST audio plug-ins and effects on your computer. VST (Virtual Studio Technology) effects and filters are native realtime plugins. Initially their standard was developed by Propellerhead/Steinberg. They usually provide a custom graphical user interface, displaying controls similar to the physical switches and knobs on audio hardware.

With the help of VST effects you can easily extend the range of powerful effects available in AVS Audio Editor.

In case you have VST effects on your computer you will need to point out their directory to AVS Audio Editor program. To do that press the VST Effects Directories button on the DX/VST Tab. The following dialog window will appear:

VST Effects Directory window

Use the Add button to select a directory with VST effects present and click OK to update the effects list. All the effects from the folder will be loaded automatically and will be available afterwards from the VST Effects drop-down menu on the DX/VST Tab.

You can also add the additional effects and remove the unnecessary ones in this window using the appropriate buttons.

VST effects are very easy to use. To enable any of them just highlight an area to process and choose a filter from the VST Effects drop-down menu on the DX/VST Tab.

Most VST effects have their own settings dialog where you can configure the parameters of the effect. Some plug-ins may support real-time preview. But, of course, if you have some problems you will need to consult the documentation provided by the plug-in manufacturer.

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