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AVS Audio Editor
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AVS Audio Editor

Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts

To speed up your editing AVS Audio Editor offers you a wide variety of keyboard shortcuts. Use the table below to learn how to edit audio data in a fast and easy way.


Controls Shortcut Key Description
File Controls Ctrl+N Creates a new, initially blank file.
Ctrl+O Opens an existing audio file.
Ctrl+S Saves the selected audio file to the hard disk drive.
Shift+Ctrl+S Saves the active audio file with a different file name and/or location, in a different file format.
Ctrl+P Opens the File Info window.
Ctrl+Tab Navigates through the audio files loaded into the program.
Ctrl+W Closes the selected audio file.
Editing Controls Ctrl+A Selects Entire Waveform.
Ctrl+Z Undo, reverses the last command or action.
Shift+Ctrl+Z Redo, repeats the last command or action.
Ctrl+X Cuts a waveform to internal clipboard.
Ctrl+C Copies a selection to internal clipboard.
Ctrl+V Pastes from internal clipboard.
Ctrl+T Trims to selection.
Del Deletes selection.
Navigation Controls Left Arrow Move cursor left on the Timeline.
Right Arrow Move cursor right on the Timeline.
Home Move cursor to the beginning of the waveform on the Timeline.
End Move cursor to the end of the waveform on the Timeline.
Space Starts/stops playing the selected audio file.
Selection Controls Shift+Left Arrow Increase the left selection boundary.
Shift+Right Arrow Increase the right selection boundary.
Ctrl+Left Arrow Decrease the left selection boundary.
Ctrl+Right Arrow Decrease the right selection boundary.
Shift+Home Move the left selection boundary to the beginning of the waveform.
Shift+End Move the right selection boundary to the end of the waveform.
Zoom Controls Ctrl+Numeric Pad Plus Zooms In
Ctrl+Numeric Pad Minus Zooms Out
Miscellaneous F1 Brings up the current Help File
F12 Opens the About window

Mouse Operations

Left click and drag a waveform to make a selection.

Double left-click a waveform to select the entire visible portion of the waveform (when zoomed in this does not select unseen areas which may be to the right or left).

Left-click anywhere in the waveform and you will change the position of the playback cursor.

For stereo or multichannel waveforms:

  • use the Control key of the keyboard together with the mouse pointer (the cursor will acquire L or R letter - Lf, Rf, Cf, LFE, Lr and Rr for six channel audio) and left-click to enable only the necessary channel for editing (the disabled channels will gray-out), another left-click within the disabled channel will re-enable it;
  • use the Shift key of the keyboard and left-click within the channel delimiter to resize the channel fields, a double click within the channel delimiter will restore the original channel field size;

Left-click (the mouse cursor should change to a hand) and drag the Display Range Bar to scroll forward or backward in time.

Click and drag on the Time Scale to scroll horizontally.

Rest mouse over any toolbar button to get an explanation of the button's function.

Double-click title bar to Maximize/Restore.

Wheel Mouse Specific

Roll the mouse wheel forward to zoom in. Roll the mouse wheel backwards to zoom out.

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