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AVS Audio Editor
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AVS Audio Editor


EqualizerThe Equalizer filter is used to change the frequency pattern of the audio file, attenuate some of the frequencies and amplify others.

Use the Play buttons to listen to and compare the sound before and after applying the Equalizer effect:

No Effect

Equalizer Applied

How to Apply

All effects and filters are applied in the same way in AVS Audio Editor. For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to apply effects to your audio files, click here.

Equalizer Settings

To apply the effect, select the number of frequency bands you would like to amplify/attenuate and then specify the desired amplification value for each frequency by moving the sliders of the vertical bars.

Equalizer effect settings

Use the Settings drop-down list to set the number of frequency bands you want to affect. You may select between 10 and 20 bands. The whole frequency range will be divided into 10 or 20 bands with the center frequency of each band indicated above its corresponding vertical bar. Selecting 20 bands will display more frequency bands which will help you build a more accurate equalization curve.

Use the sliders of the vertical bars with numbers to amplify/attenuate a particular frequency band. The software will allow you to amplify/attenuate each frequency band by a maximum of 20 dB. The current amplification/attenuation value will be displayed below the bar. You may also click the number and enter the needed value form the keyboard.

Use the Gain slider to the right to amplify/attenuate the whole audio track. The software will allow you to amplify/attenuate the audio signal by a maximum of 20 dB. Setting a positive value will amplify the sound, setting a negative value will attenuate it.

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